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Infusion Pool Products is a privately owned Nevada corporation based out of Las Vegas. Infusion’s sole proprieter has over 30 years of pool and spa product and construction experience! Our team of professionals is dedicated to raising the awareness of swimming pool energy efficiency while providing products that enhance your entire swimming pool experience.

Here are what just a few of our satisfied customers are saying about Infusion Pool Products:

Mike Smith, Owner - California Pools, AZ

  • California Pools
  • Pool & Spa News 2012 Top 50 Builder Award

Infusion jet returns dynamically change for the better the way water circulates in a pool. They improve pools plumbed with minimal returns and undersized equipment on our remodel projects, but where they really perform is when you pair them with variable speed pumps and proper plumbing. Customers get it. We benefit. It is that simple.

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Shaun Lambert, President - Lambert Custom Pools, IL

  • Lambert Custom Pools
  • Association of Pool & Spa Professionals 2010 Award of Excellence

We have been using Infusion V-Fittings in all our new pool builds for the past 2 years. Our service techs have noticed how the flow of water toward the bottom of pool has kept the floor cleaner than other pools without them. We plan on expressing the benefits to all our service accounts as we open pools for the spring.

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Brian Webster, Director – Dillon Pools, FL

  • Dillon Pools
  • Best of Aquatics 2010 Aquatics International Magazine Gulliver 50 Meter Pool

You have saved me a lot of time and work! I installed V-Fittings on my own personal pool and was totally amazed. The water circulation improved immediately and after 4 weeks of use I still have not had to use my automatic pool cleaner. In addition, when I turn the fitting up on a 45 degree angle the disturbance has assisted my skimmer in removing surface debris and has completely eliminated any debris from sticking to the waterline tile! Unbelievable! In just two days after installation the water temperature went up 4.5 degrees without an increase in ambient air temperature. Another added feature is that the surface disturbance plays with the led lighting in the pool creating awesome patterns at night. All in all, I could not be more pleased with the product and strongly urge everyone to give it a try for themselves and see the results!

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Steve Lincke, President - Wilmington Pools, NC

  • Wilmington Pools

I really appreciate your product. We install many 2 speed and variable speed pumps. Prior to using your product many of our customers would complain that they couldn't see the flow from the jets when using the low speed. Your product has resolved that problem with 100% customer satisfaction to date.

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Anthony – Pool Owner, NV

My pool had reached 93 degrees and it was just the beginning of July. It felt as if I was taking a bath, not refreshing at all. I installed 5 Infusion Jets, which took only minutes, and within 2 days my water temperature dropped to 88 degrees. Now 2 weeks later my water temperature has stabilized at 86 degrees. So refreshing.....AMAZING! Thank you Infusion Pool Products!

Jay – Pool Owner, NY

Our pool is surrounded by trees providing nice shade when it is very hot and a good supply of tree droppings when the wind blows. We discovered the Infusion V-Fitting at our pool supplier’s showroom. They were not sure if a standard V-Fitting would work and suggested we email Infusion. The product support we received was unbelievable; fast responses that were accurate and useful. After a little modification, we installed the V-Fitting and found it not only lived up to our expectations but exceeded them. Not only did the water temperature raise some by directing the warmer surface water down at a higher velocity mixing the water better but the tree droppings were brought to the strainer basket faster resulting in less vacuuming! What more could I ask for, a warmer pool with less maintenance! What a great simple product making life a little easier.

Ken – Pool Owner, FL

I just wanted to let you know the Infusion pool returns were delivered to me today and I installed them; they are phenomenal! V-Fittings evenly distribute the water throughout the entire Pool! Too bad I didn't know about this sooner! I love the product!!!

Domenic – Pool Owner, PA

Thank you for your assistance and the Infusion product; your customer service brightened my day. I purchased your product from my pool supplier fascinated with the concept; it was one of those ‘why didn’t I think of this’ ideas. Unfortunately upon my return home I found that the product would not fit my pool. I called your company and after a few short weeks I received an Infusion return jet you had custom made to fit my pool! This kind of customer service is unheard of in this day and age. The product arrived, fit was perfect and from day one this product performance is as impressive as the customer service you provided. The one word that I can use to describe the product and your service is Outstanding! I thank you for all you have done and wish you continued good fortune.

George – Pool Owner - NJ

I believe it’s important to acknowledge a product that works as readily as I would one that does not. I’m attaching a picture of my pool that next month will be 37 years since I had it built. It’s a 17 x 38 kidney, 3 - 8 feet in depth. After the second season the initial excitement and fascination wore off and I began trying everything and anything to exert as little effort as I could to keeping it clean, especially here in northern New Jersey where the season is short. I have two returns below the skimmers and installed your Venturi returns recently. They are at opposing 45 degree downward angles and I can see the water circulating below and on top of the pool. Truth be told, after installing them I untied the floating duck thermometer to see if they were doing anything and now I just leave it floating in circles to remind me how little work I have to do! You can see some large leaf bearing trees in the picture and on top of that my 3 kids have 5 dogs, and they thought it would be fun to teach them to use the stairs so they can go in and out of the pool as they please whenever they visit. One of them, on arrival, like a possessed soul, immediately finds her tennis ball that I keep here for her, goes to the pool, and sits on the stairs and plays. The motion of the water moves the ball for her to swim after and she can occupy herself like a child. After a time she’ll bring the ball to see if someone will throw it (which we avoid because, as I said, she is a possessed and won’t stop) and when no one will she gives up and returns to the pool to occupy herself. This would go on all day if we didn’t make her stop. With trees and dogs going in and out all day, I have never had the pool so clean with no effort! Your returns are the only reason I can think of so that I no longer have to skim and vacuum as often as I did! I give you full credit for giving me less to do; where have you been for 35 years?

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