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Infusion Pool Products V-Fitting venturi swimming pool return line inlet fittings drastically enhance circulation and Deep Heat by drawing warmer surface water through strategically placed louvers thrusting it to the floor of the pool!


Energy Efficient


Enhance Any Fiberglass, Vinyl or Concrete Pool!

ANSI/APSP/ICC-15 Compliant — Available in Eight Designer Colors

Best Product 2012
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Readers Choice Award 2012

Up To Double Turnover Rates!

Energy Efficient Swimming Pool Return Line Inlet Fitting

V-Fittings 60 degree venturi increases flow by drawing surrounding water through strategically placed louvers thrusting it to the floor. Venturi enhanced circulation improves chemical disbursement creating an easier to service water quality!

Increase Flow

Enhance Circulation

Disperse Chemicals

Improve Water Quality

Reduce Service Times

Target Dead Spots

Strategically placed louvers thrust water to the floor

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FPSIE Study Aims to Influence Policy

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