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Our Environmental Focus - Infusion Green Systems

Energy consumption regulations throughout the country have recently focused on pool and spa plumbing configurations and the energy efficiency of circulation equipment. Advancements in product designs, along with new innovative solutions, are having a profound effect on the environment by reducing greenhouse gasses.

The benefits of more efficient products and pool designs include greater heat and chemical savings from increased circulation while reducing electrical consumption. Recent bills addressing residential swimming pool energy standards, found in California Title 20 Regulations, have been mandated in Texas, Nevada, Michigan, New Jersey, and Washington with many other states currently under review.

Infusion’s replacement and new construction V-Fittings enhance the flow of water (which has been adversely affected by energy efficiency standards nationwide), drastically improving circulation while deep heating!

Infusion Pool Products supports the use of energy efficient pump and motor designs, improved plumbing configurations, and performance enhancing pool and spa plumbing fittings worldwide.

The Advantages of Our V-FittingTM Product

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